Continuing with our series of content to accompany and clarify best practices in the market for our clients, we did not want to miss a position of increasing importance in the market in recent times, the Product Manager or Product Manager.

It should first be clarified that work is different depending on the sector since we can find this position in different industries, such as mass consumption, marketing, technology, banking and finance to name a few, but there are practically all sectors.

Among the main responsibilities we have to know and understand the sector, the competitors and products they offer, detect business opportunities, know niches and begin to design products or solutions that add value to customers, as well as optimizations or improvements.

Basically we can define this responsibility as ensuring that the product is designed, tested, implemented or manufactured, distributed and sold properly.

Often this person can perform a more limited test before launch testing different variants with a knowledgeable public and giving us feedback and possibilities for improvement before a large-scale launch, in a controlled environment allows us to explore options.

The truly professional Product Manager will also design a product life cycle that will result in maximizing the profitability of the product or solution, managing in turn different price strategies throughout the cycle, but also designing a road map throughout the life of the same, we have interviewed professionals in the sector who define themselves as “interpreters of the needs of the market”, this definition we like a lot in 3 Hunters.

In our experience as talent leaders, we especially value the drive or strength of these people since they usually work coordinating different internal areas of the company, which generates having to lead, convince, be trainers, etc. These are some of the characteristics that we emphasize when identifying the best talent.

We usually find two large groups, the Product Managers with a more technical profile, very common in the technology or software industry, also in pharma, the other large profile is marketing, where they push a lot the communication and positioning of solutions.

For these reasons, at 3 Hunters we value profiles who have a lot of contact with the market in which the company develops, who leave the office, who live with clients and the solutions they might need in order to arrive before other companies, We try to detect these skills in our interviews with our professionals. It is very important for the same reason to have a great sensitivity and active listening!

In recent times, the knowledge of UX or User experience has also been added more and more in order to have continuous feedback on what works or not. The level of responsibility is very high since in addition to the costs associated with developing solutions there is also a large investment of time and opportunity cost.

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