Let's start with a brief definition first of what edge computing is before delving into what elements to take into account when selecting the best talent.

A very simplified first approximation is any type of computer program that offers low latency closer to requests.

At the beginning of the nineties, with the consumption of a greater amount of content on the Internet, and also with video and other applications, it became necessary to begin to be close to the points of consumption, specifically in applications where data processing is required in time. real. While the cloud operates with big data, computing at the "edges" hence the term edge, operates with data at the moment generated in real time by users or capture sensors.

Then these networks evolved to host applications and application components on EDGE servers, where the first Edge Computing applications began to emerge, then virtualization facilitated the implementation of more complex applications.

One of the greatest potential for the development of this technology is found in the IoT or “internet of things”, whose increase in devices is producing an enormous amount of data, which pushes the bandwidth requirements of the network to the limit,

One of the goals of edge computing is to "mobilize" computing from data centers to the periphery, providing for example content caching, service delivery, storage and IoT management giving better response and transfer times.

One of the important points is scalability, to take into account when recruiting talent to help us with these tasks, taking into account the reliability of the connections compared to the more robust data center infrastructure, as well as physical security and cyber, and speed, a critical issue in edge computing.

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