On several occasions I have been asked as a director a Headhunting company that impressed us the most? First comes the clarification that in particular I run the company but I myself am not a headhunter, my training like many country managers, has to do with the commercial and administrative drive of the firm, but of course over the years I have had the opportunity to recruit talent for this and other companies.

Personally, what impresses me the most is a candidate that shows passion and conviction, it allows me to see that he will be able to overcome challenges and obstacles that are put in front of him, that is, many times we run into problems, there are people who stay with him. same problem, in a kind of freeze and there are those who look for a way to solve things, it is clear that along the way they will not always solve it in the best way but they will look for alternatives, also the conviction and passion of which he talks about his work vs. apathy, seeing when they get excited and understand that their work and attitude make a difference, that is the type of profiles we seek for our clients.

It does not interest me much that the candidate says what he thinks we want to hear, a typical one is to ask what are some defects or opportunities for improvement and the candidate says “I am too perfectionist”, a cliché that says nothing and tries to convey that they are to be pursued perfectionism ad nauseam, what he tells me is that he doesn’t really have self-criticism, learning from mistakes, etc.

On this way, the “be yourself” counts, the truth is that I lose attention when the courtesy statements begin that do not really say anything about the candidate.

It is also rare sometimes, as candidates often read that eye contact is recommended many times it is exaggerated and it seems that they are scanning us in each movement, it is something more natural without exaggerating.

Save yourself the ambiguous statement of objectives, generalist and lacking in depth, it particularly invites me to meet a candidate who takes controlled risks, who tells me that he understands and knows the work limits and that he moves within them ethically.

Open up, tell us what excites you, in short, what have been your great successes and great mistakes, in an interview I ended up very funny sharing mistakes with a candidate and that created a link with him. Even if the implementation has failed let us see what you did differently, what you would do differently currently looking back. What plans do you have to carry out!

I try to make the interviewee feel comfortable, since the situation is usually somewhat tense because the person feels scrutinized and there are usually future economic situations at stake, but we have to create that space that allows us to show ourselves. Don’t be afraid to ask about the company, there are no dumb or wrong questions or at least 3 Hunters.

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