May 13, 2021 Pedro Brarda

In a few words, omnichannel is the possibility of offering a similar experience through different channels and devices to interact with an e-commerce, encompassing the entire customer experience, whether it has been approached by one means or another, but we are going to go deeper!

An example maybe a possible customer, he approached and saw a physical product in a department store, he tried it and decided to investigate more online, once he decided to buy he made it on the store’s website, and had a call of after sales on the part of the retail, with which I interact with different channels through the decision and acquisition process.

There is customer data going around everywhere to be able to put together a more tailored strategy and drive towards ecommerce.

Before we had many channels in what was called multi-channel, now we are connecting them, since we have that large amount of data, basically due to smartphones, we integrate the entire strategy so that it converges online and offline, delivering a consistent experience.

We work on all these issues daily in our interviews. For example, we ask our candidates how they integrate their sales channels and what actions they take to strengthen omnichannel.

Ask about our talent evaluation services, at 3 Hunters we are ecommerce experts! Some of our clients, the most important internet companies in Latin America!

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