The best: headhunters are Human Resources professionals specialized in finding talent for your company. They look for the perfect match between the requirements of the vacancy and the candidate. These scouts find the crème de la crème where others get lost and fail among hundreds of profiles.

Know-how: imagine that you want to sell your car to exchange it for a new vehicle. How much do you sell it for? How much is paid in the market for it? How long does it take to sell a model like yours? Professionals in the automotive sector know all this information first-hand and can help you in the management. Headhunters do the same with the best candidates. They know how much it is going to cost you to attract a certain profile to your company, if it is easy or difficult to find and if the requirements you are asking for are realistic or a letter to the Three Kings.

Skills and attitudes: Headhunters have a wide range of tools to detect talent and their assessments go far beyond analyzing a simple resume. They study if the candidate fits with the profiles that your company already has and if they would adapt to the policy, culture and values ​​of the company. They also assess the applicants’ soft skills and attitude. Therefore, they analyze the pack of «human capital», person and worker, in great depth.

Do not lose focus: LinkedIn is a very useful tool for finding talent, but that does not mean that it is easy to get results or that everyone knows how to use it. You probably know your company, your sector and your customers in depth. Focus! Develop what you do best and trust Human Resources professionals to help you in the search for personnel and thus maximize your results.

Effectiveness: looking for staff is expensive, both in time and financial resources. Candidate screening, reference checks, endless contacts and negotiations are some of the barriers to finding talent. Headhunters know where and how to search and can access candidates without the limitations that your company may have, guaranteeing the success of the process. If you outsource this service you will save time and money.


These are the 5 of the reasons why you should hire a headhunter if you want the best in your team. In summary, if you are looking for talent for your company, it is convenient that you hire headhunting services and that you put yourself in the hands of a specialist. Trust the best to find the best!


By Juanjo Marle: Head of talent, Headhunter


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